Upcoming Screenings

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Past Screenings

9/14/2012 Crew preview screening, San Francisco, CA
9/15/2012 Cast preview screening, San Bruno, CA
10/7/2012 Arcade Night preview screening, El Cerrito, CA
10/20/2012 Encore preview screening, Pinole, CA
11/10/2012 SC3 preview screening, SC3 party in Claremont, CA
11/18/2012 Kong Off 2 preview screening, Denver, CO
12/1/2012 Nevada International Film Festival Awards, Las Vegas, NV
1/4/2013 MagFest screening, National Harbor, MD
2/10/2013 NorCal Film Festival screening #1, Northern California
2/24/2013 NorCal Film Festival screening #2, Northern California
3/16/2013 Underground Retrocade screening, East Dundee, IL
4/6/2013 ZapCon, screening #1, Phoenix, AZ
4/7/2013 ZapCon, screening #2, Phoenix, AZ
4/26/2013 Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown, Denver, CO
5/18/2013 Ninth Street Independent Film Center: SF Premiere, San Francisco, CA
5/24/2013 CyberHum: Spring into Summer Film Festival, Providence, RI
6/1/2013 CCA Timken Hall, San Francisco, CA
6/8/2013 Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show, Tacoma, WA
7/13/2013 Seattle Retro Gaming Expo @ SIFF Uptown Queens Theater, Seattle, WA
7/14/2013 California Extreme, Santa Clara, CA
7/19/2013 Artists’ Television Access, San Francisco, CA
7/20/2013 Gam3rCon, screening #1, San Diego, CA
7/21/2013 Gam3rCon, screening #2, San Diego, CA
7/27/2013 GameWarp, Orlando, FL
8/10/2013 Icon Gallery: Twin Galaxies/Walter Day Trading Card Event, Ottumwa, IA
8/19/2013 Brewvies Cinema Pub, Salt Lake City, UT
8/31/2013 PAX Prime, Seattle, WA
9/21/2013 Playland-Not-At-The-Beach, El Cerrito, CA
10/05/2013 Portland Retro Gaming Expo, Portland, OR
10/11/2013 White Rose Gaming Expo/Timeline Arcade, Hanover, PA
10/19/2013 Bonus Round Screening/Timeline Arcade, Hanover, PA
10/24/2013 AMC Loews WhiteMarsh/Randall’s birthday, Baltimore, MD
10/11/2013 13th Ave Warren Theater/Dragon Master Foundation Benefit, Wichita, KS
11/08/2013 Houston Arcade Expo, Houston, TX
11/09/2013 Houston Arcade Expo, Houston, TX
11/14/2013 AMC Cherry Creek 8, Denver, Co (in conjunction with the Kong Off 3)