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Arcade game collector, Jason Forster, loading Nintendo cabinets onto a trailer.



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EXCERPT: “For those of us that were alive back in the day, those lonely old days when most of the video games that one would play were gigantic, devoured mountains of quarters and resided in mystical places of worship known as “arcades”, there’s a movie just for us”

Review: The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time (Documentary) Review by Brian Peterson, Gaming Age

EXCERPT: “[T]his is a story that hasn’t really been told in movie format, but thanks to Jeff Von Ward and the help of many gamers and collectors, we finally get just that. What’s more there are some nifty bonuses on a second disc that is full of outtakes, videos, stats, and artwork that make this documentary a must purchase…Whether you are a hardcore gamer by today’s standards, or have been in the industry and a fan since it all began, this is a must see film by anyone who claims the title of ‘gamer.'”

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EXCERPT: “In this episode of the podcast Preston sits down for a chat with documentary filmaker Jeff Von Ward to discuss his new movie The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time.”

Review: Film of the Day: The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time by Richard Pett, Games Freezer

EXCERPT: “A great insight into the Arcade Machine collectors’ culture and a really well told story from director Jeff Von Ward that brings alive the passion these guys have for the Arcade Cabinets.”

Review: The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time by Doug McCoy, Retroist

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EXCERPT: “Jeff Von Ward has created a masterful film in which he tracks down and interviews some serious arcade collectors… The collectors share their passion for preserving these historic machines and the connection you feel with them is instantaneous – from scoring their first machine, their real estate woes, to the lengths they go to seek their next arcade hit.”

Review: The Space Invaders : In Search of Lost Time by Thomas Michalski, Voodoo Inspector

EXCERPT: “It’s that human angle which really puts the film across, the emotion that’s evident in the way the interviewees (predictably almost exclusively male) fondly recall their misspent youths and eagerly describe the intricate details of how they painstakingly bring battered machines, and the neon 1980s feel of the arcade, back to life.”

Review: The Space Invaders Looks at Classic Arcade Games, and the Collectors Who Love Them by Sherilyn Connelly, San Francisco Weekly

EXCERPT: “Obviously, having either the money or the space to own an arcade is a ludicrous dream that could never happen in a million years — and the people who live out that dream, sometimes to obsession and points beyond, is the subject of Pinole filmmaker Jeff Von Ward’s excellent new documentary The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time.”

Review: The Space Invaders Seeks Home Arcades by Peter Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle

EXCERPT: “The documentary excels when the collectors get even more personal. What do their spouses think? At what point does a collection become too big? What will happen to all of these games when the collectors die? … Von Ward focuses much of the middle of the movie on what makes most arcade game collectors so special: the fact that their greatest joy is sharing the games with the public. … There’s a welcome sympathetic perspective that permeates Von Ward’s documentary.”

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EXCERPT: “Documentarian Jeff Von Ward has made the visual equivalent of ocular crack. To see all the games I used to play back when I frequented arcades with names like The Fun Factory, Aladin’s Castle or Pin Pan Alley really takes me back to when you could still play a game with a quarter, maybe fifty cents, before it took you a dollar bill just to waste three minutes of your life. What this trailer does is take a nostalgic look back at those days, but then pivots to talk about what it’s like to be one of the people who are trying to salvage, literally, those moments.”

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